Digital ad engagement

Perceived interactivity as a driver of advertising effectiveness. A report by Alex Wang, Ph.D., University of Connecticut – Stamford.

In a recent report on static print vs digital interactive advertising, Alex Wang asked the following questions.

  1. Can interactive ads in a digital magazine generate stronger engagement, message involvement, attitude, and overall brand awareness than static ads in a print magazine?
  2. Can higher interactivity initiated by an interactive ad generate stronger brand recall, engagement, message involvement, attitude, and purchase intention than a static ad?
  3. What are the relations among interactivity, engagement, message involvement, attitude, and purchase intention?

The study employed a post-test only experimental design that manipulated two ad conditions. The two conditions exposed either static or interactive ads featured in an issue of Wired Magazine by print format (static condition) and iPad (interactive condition) to participants.


The results clearly show that the participants felt more engaged with the interactive ads, they felt that they had more message involvement, a higher attitude toward the ads and, probably most importantly, had a higher purchase intention.

Read the full PDF report on digital ad engagement.

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