Do it the right way

I read an article recently where David C Barker stated that:

The average new Chief Marketing Officer typically lasts in the corner office about 23 months. Turnover in the position is incredibly high. So the title sounds great… but they typically have no power yet need immediate results. The biggest tool this brave soul has to play with is branding, and the marketing agency is cool with that approach because they generate lots of invoices and eventually hang another skin on their portfolio wall.

The main problem is that in another 23-months time, this happens again and no real tangible change ever occurs. The business identity has no traction and ends up lacking in trust from its customers. A costly scenario.

Put a good solid plan in place and create a timeless identity from the outset, for your client. If this is done correctly, they shouldn’t ever need a rebrand. Possibly a realignment every so often, but certainly not a costly rebrand.

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