First CTF completed

First CTF completed

I played my first CTF (capture the flag) today.

I’ll have to admit that even though it was labelled as an “easy CTF” and one that’s good for first timers I still had to watch a walk-through to be able to get my head around what I was doing. These things are tough, even the “easy” ones! It’s from Vulnhub and it’s called RickdiculouslyEasy. The flags, in the order that I captured them, are:

FLAG: {TheyFoundMyBackDoorMorty} - 10 Points
FLAG: {Flip the pickle Morty!} - 10 Points
FLAG: {Whoa this is unexpected} - 10 Points
FLAG: {Yeah d- just don't do it.} - 10 Points
FLAG: {There is no Zeus, in your face!} - 10 Points
FLAG: {Get off the high road Summer!} - 10 Points
FLAG: {131333} - 20 Points
FLAG: {And Awwwaaaaayyyy we Go!} - 20 Points
FLAG: {Ionic Defibrillator} - 30 Points

Totalling 130 points and gaining root access. Good fun and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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