Hiring a designer

Hiring a designer

What you think you are paying for when hiring a designer:

  • Knocking something up in Photoshop

What you are really paying for:

  • Research into your competitors and advise where applicable
  • The writing of a creative brief outlining the scope of the project, your business problem and how it will be solved
  • Project management throughout the process and any technical support along the way
  • Years of professional experience in colour theory, emotional connection, typography and layout techniques
  • Professional page layout using the correct software (not Photoshop!)
  • Access to image libraries and other creative resources such as type libraries and photographers with the correct usage license agreements (not stolen via Google Images)
  • The skill and talent to design a layout which communicates your intended message, with correct hierarchy, to the right target audience, in the right tone-of-voice
  • Professional print- or web-ready files which comply to industry quality standards that ensure no extra production costs are experienced due to incorrect file creation
  • Your business problem being solved in a professional manner which, in the end, creates more revenue for your business than what it cost to hire me in the first place

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