Shopify is a world-leading multi-channel eCommerce platform, powering more than 400,000 businesses who have collectively sold more than £25 billion worth of products online or in-person.

Shopify is a great option for businesses who want to set up a simple online store with minimal fuss and in a short time frame. As Shopify is a hosted-solution this means that a lot of the headaches associated with more complex open source options aren’t an issue. If you want a light-weight online store then nothing beats Shopify. Here are some reasons to get started today:

  • A home for your business: ​Fully customisable website, online store, and blog.
  • Limitless potential: ​Unlimited bandwidth, product inventory, and customer data.
  • Sell anywhere your customers are: ​Multiple sales channels like Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.
  • Store management made easy: ​24/7 award-winning customer support.
  • Rest easy knowing your business is safe: ​Industry leading security and reliability with 256-bit SSL certificates, Level-1 PCI compliance, and 99.9% uptime.

If you would like to discuss your options then get in touch today by calling 01782 954282 or by email.

You can read more about Shopify on their website.

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