Test your graphic design trivia

Kevin Finn, founder of DESIGNerd, has developed a fun trivia game which promotes design education and awareness.

The game consists of 100+ trivia questions which have been written by some of the world’s most significant and influential designers.


The DESIGNerd 100+ Trivia Game is based on the regular trivia format of ‘questions and answers’. Each volume contains 100 question cards, with many cards including a bonus question (this is the ‘+’ part of ‘100+’).

Each card has been allocated a category and a score of 1, 2 or 3 points, depending on the level of difficulty. Some cards also include suggested score guides. Games last as long as you want, or until the cards run out. (Remember, don’t forget to shuffle the cards before you start playing!)

100+ can be played in teams. A Trivia Master should be appointed to ask the questions, reveal the answers and keep track of scores.

100+ can also be played in smaller groups without the need for a Trivia Master. (As a guide: a player picks a card and asks the question to the player on their left. The player who answers this question picks the next card and asks that question to the player on their left, and so on in a clockwise direction.)

Each ‘card category’, ‘available points’ and ‘question’ must be read out loud and clear. Once a player responds the answer must also be read out loud before awarding any points for correct answers. The highest score at the end of the game wins the right to be called a true DESIGNerd.”

I’m tempted to buy them for the packaging, it’s very nice. If you, too, are tempted, then you can buy them here.

Have you seen any other fun graphic design-based games?

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