Steve Perry, designer and developer

A full-time freelance designer and developer working from my home studio near to the Peak District in Staffordshire, UK.

With a passion for anything and everything related to design, I started out in the 1990s, sharpening my skills by working alongside talented creatives and quality printers with multinational as well as regional clients. The early years were devoted to graphic design – brochures, posters, advertisements, corporate identity materials – but I became more and more interested in web technologies and how to leverage them to amplify sales of products and services.

Since then, I have been studying UI/UX design, server technologies and whatever new that comes along, putting my knowledge into ever-widening practice, working for agencies until relatively recently.

Now operating independently as Steve Perry Creative, I have built state-of-the-art studios in my Staffordshire home, from where I concentrate my attention on the needs of clients large and small, across many sectors.

Offering deep insight and outstanding value, I also collaborate with other specialists in order to provide a truly full-scale, results driven service. Together, we make an awesome team.

So that I can build more secure websites I’m currently studying for my MSc in advanced security and digital forensics.

Away from the desk, I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and also practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have a great deal of experience in this niche market, reflected in my many projects for key businesses in the recreational sphere.

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