Web Design

Web Design

Drawing on a richness of traditional graphic design expertise and founded on totally up to speed digital highway skills, Steve Perry Creative will design the absolutely best interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for your new website.

When people visit your site they want to find what they are looking for quickly and clearly, no matter whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

The potential to gain customers through the web is vast. Clean grid systems, consistent colour palettes and a user-friendly interface based around your branding will ensure that visitors are well satisfied, with minimum fuss and maximum impact.

Every website from Steve Perry is of bespoke design – just right for you and only you. You’ll benefit from a user-centred solution that draws on the latest design technology and sets you apart.

So get in touch. Steve will offer jargon free advice on your current site and explain the digital future.

“The first time I saw the draft version of the home page I was blown away with how precisely Steve had understood what I wanted my website to convey.”
— Tracey Cole, Tracey Cole NLP

Performance Matters, they won’t wait for you

Design for design’s sake? Covered in drop shadows, lovely gradients and big, fancy graphics? If users can’t get to what they want quickly on your website they will desert you for a rival. Every site should be built with performance in mind.

Design decisions must be considered carefully for their impact on speed of loading. Avoiding greedy graphical treatments and adopting a simpler approach can improve paint-time dramatically.

Paint-time is how long it takes website visitors to render the web page view: in other words, to see the content of your page. They are impatient, make no mistake. They won’t be bothered to wait for you. Not only that, but sites laden down with big files increase network bandwidth and use up mobile data. It is in your interests to cut back on paint-time delay.

There are other factors. Websites gain performance by using minified stylesheets; combining JavaScript files; reducing components to limit time-taking http requests; optimising images; compressing data; and smart-loading scripts. Each of these techniques can help give your site the edge over those of your competitors.

Contact Steve to talk about how your website could be streamlined.

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