Why is professional design important?

Graphic design is everywhere you look. It is a traditional craft and I have a true passion about its quality – and there’s a reason for that. If you buy a product, read a magazine or book, watch a movie, follow a road sign, choose from a menu… you have been subjected to graphic design.

It is a way of communicating a visual message – whether it be announcing or selling something, amusing or persuading someone, explaining a complicated system or simply sending love. They are all forms of graphic design.

Emotions trigger responses

People make decisions based on emotional responses and how products make them feel. Anyone can throw together some half-decent artwork and have it printed but the chances are that the real message isn’t all that clear and the design hierarchy hasn’t been taken into account, never mind the true emotional triggers that help us all choose certain brands over others.


For your brand to become synonymous with your product and internal values it has to be used consistently. Look at road signs – their visual consistency helps us quickly make decisions on the move without really having to read every bit of information. Imagine if every town or county had a different visual identity system for their road signs, it would be chaotic.

So next time you are thinking about designing your own identity or using an unqualified and unskilled designer, think about the above information. Is your marketing material subconsciously saying the right things about your business? Hiring a professional designer is important.

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