Zenplan – Website Maintenance

Zenplan – Website Maintenance

We live in an age where software is evolving rapidly each day. This is great news for progress but it also means that if you don’t keep on top of your website maintenance then you will end up with a website that is prone to hacking attempts and security attacks.

These Attacks Aren’t Always Obvious

I was asked recently to update a website for a client that was inherited from another agency. The website maintenance had been neglected for over a year and the WordPress software was really out-of-date. The client wasn’t aware that their website had been hacked but as soon as I looked into updating it, it was obvious. An automated piece of software had found its way into the core WordPress code base and was editing old posts on the website and adding in spam links. Not only this but the programme was connecting to the hosting server’s email system and sending out spam emails in the guise of a well known bank to tens of thousands of people every day which resulted in a slow web server and a warning of potential fines and legal action from the bank if it wasn’t rectified immediately. Website maintenance would have helped prevent this from happening.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

The problems were removed but it took longer than it would have done to keep the website up to date in the first place and obviously placed more stress into the situation, too.

Introducing zenplan – website maintenance, simple

I offer zenplan, monthly website maintenance plans which keep your website software up-to-date, provide automated daily backups, run automated malware scanners plus more. Some plans include a little bit of extra pre-booked priority time to cover website amendments, perfect for those urgent changes.


Zenplans are available for WordPress, Magento and custom platforms. You can view prices for WordPress here and Magento here. If you would like details on a custom platform then please get in touch.

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